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Isn't it time that you start actually enjoying life? It's been so long that you no longer know what being free feels like. You were made for a far better life than you are living right now.


At Encounter Life, you will find caring, supportive, encouraging people who are committed to a better life for you. We know what we are doing, we care about what we are doing and it shows in everything we do.


It is time to break free and encounter life.

You are so worth it!


Michael & Gale Beth Rice
Lead Pastors
Jeff Swartz

We met and were married 32 years ago and have been blessed with two incredible children, Gabriel (and his wife Alisha) and Josiah (J.J.). We both came to know Jesus through radical encounters and we have been loving and serving Him as a family ever since. As a family, it's our vision to see the Bride of Christ awaken and demonstrate the kingdom principles that unleash God's glory to passionately evangelize the world. We want to see the church take God out-of-the-box and invade a lost and broken world, releasing the love of the Father... thus fulfilling Malachi 4:6. Michael enjoys the outdoors and Gale Beth loves singing. We both love to travel and enjoying time with family.

Hello, my name is Jeff and I have been happily married for 32 years to my wife Traci. We have two children and one grandchild. I have been a blue-collar worker for most of my adult life until I sensed the call on my life in the early '90s, which started my journey.

Then Traci and I attended a bible college in Oklahoma, after which we worked with a youth group in Ohio. For the next 15 years, we also worked as business owners in a mechanical trade. During this time I furthered my knowledge with college courses. As my Heavenly Father would have it, we found ourselves at Encounter Church in Streetsboro, Ohio. It wasn't long before we joined and became part of the leadership team at Encounter Church.

Looking back at my life and the bread crumbs along the way, I now sense we have arrived at a place and time, where Encounter Life Outreach is right for us in every way. I look forward to all that we can accomplish as we help others overcome life-killing addictions.

James Chadwick
Assistant Director

Hello, my name is James Chadwick I am married to Kellie Chadwick and we have four beautiful children, Jalyn, Jessica, James, and Judah.

I struggled most of my life with drug addiction until I experienced God's love in such a way that it transformed my life. Since then, I have dedicated myself to helping others in similar situations and being a light in a dark place.   

David Groppi
Staff Pastor

I am Pastor David Groppi, I am 58 years old, I am married to my lovely wife Pam, I presently have nine children and nine grandchildren. After years in ministry I horribly crashed my life, I stopped being a spiritual man and became a carnal one. After spending some six years in prison where I dedicated my life back to Christ He and His mercy and His grace forgave me and made my life beautiful again. Today, I am a healed man allowing God to renew my mind as I strive daily to pour into those who God puts in my path to share the wonderfulness of who he is!


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